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The Boutique

In addition to redeeming families, Papillon Enterprise artisan guild is dedicated to redeeming creation and cleaning up Haiti’s landscapes through producing unique “upcycled” artisan goods.

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For whatever a woman (or man) sows….

The law of sowing and reaping is universal. It is for me one of those threads that goes through all cultures and religions in a way that shows me that God obviously thought it was important enough to tell it in every format possible. A Japanese proverb says, "A seed...

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Seven years

I feel like I have told the story so many times. The day that started like any other day. How we went to the store and bought flour and bananas and spent the day making tortillas. How later that afternoon, the very same grocery store that I bought the flour in came...

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Papillon Marketplace

On November 14th, we spread our wings and opened a store in downtown Olympia. We recruited employees who were specifically drawn to the mission of orphan prevention and because of their passion, have been amazing additions to the team and have quickly become friends...

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