In some ways, I feel like this summer I crawled into a hole and have been silent. It has been a time of reflection for me as I get some time alone, some counseling, and also look for new vision for what is next for me in Haiti. I feel so strongly that I need to be writing more in order to get our artisans stories out there. In many ways, I have been on a silent search for my voice. I also want to share some of the mistakes I have made along the way in order to help people know best how to avoid those same mistakes!! I am also still working on that book idea and have made contact with a publisher who is willing to hear me out. That has been very encouraging!

I have definitely never thought of myself as a speaker or teacher by any stretch of the imagination, but apparently it is also a shape that I am finding myself stretched into and starting to love. I have had the opportunity to travel within Florida a bit and speak at several places starting with  Hickory Grove Baptist Church and thank them for all of the support they have given over the years. Cami Franklin (board member for Apparent Project) is married to the preaching pastor and it was so fun to visit with her and see her world after all of the years she has invested in mine!


Trades of Hope (  has been an amazing company to work with over the years and I have also had the awesome privilege of speaking on two different occasions to their staff and also their CE’s (Compassionate Entrepreneurs) to encourage them for the work they do to sell handicrafts for our artisans in Haiti. It has been an amazing opportunity to connect with women who are partnering with us to make what we do possible and I couldn’t be happier to get to see and meet these women who are MY heroes and hugest supporters!

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I am excited about this new opportunity to speak more and to connect with people in the states and encourage them to invest in empowering the poor with jobs in order to keep their children. If you are interested in having myself or another staff person come speak and your church, event, or venue about the work we are doing in Haiti, please email us at and let us know what you have in mind. We want to help spread the word about the hope that is out there when people in poor communities get the blessing of a job! I am so grateful for the army of people who are behind what we do in Haiti and would love the opportunity to reach out and thank personally those who have invested so much over the years!