It’s not shocking to see mistakes.

Words are misspelled, colors aren’t done right, and orders are misinterpreted. It’s what happens when you have people who might only have had the opportunity to have a 5th-grade education working in a second language, for people in a country they have never been to.

Did you hear that?

Papillon has people in management with 5th-grade educations who don’t speak English who are so freaking talented and intelligent that they are STILL able to pull off our orders with more than 90% accuracy!
Imagine you got an order in Portuguese at your job and you were expected to know how to follow the instructions and you still accomplished your task on time with no confusion or mistakes. Add the danger factor that they are faced with daily- worrying about their children getting kidnapped, having to deal with an economy that is killing people, and Covid on top of it all.

Mistakes are made for sure but I couldn’t be more proud of our amazing team of artisans who continue to blow me away with their capabilities in spite of all of their challenges!

I keep this mug around just to remind me of what they accomplish every day! #bride

It’s not misspelled to me! It’s a work of art and a symbol of perseverance! ❤️