Slow Hurricane Coming

I woke up more times that I can remember last night. The temperature has dropped and I was cold. My kids were restless and woke up a lot too. The calm right now is eerie. We know it is coming. The slow speed of this hurricane is agonizing to wait for. My neighbors are...

Finding my voice this summer.

Finding my voice this summer.

I am excited about this new opportunity to speak more and to connect with people in the states and encourage them to invest in empowering the poor with jobs in order to keep their children.

A child that a mother could not give up.

A child that a mother could not give up.

Her mother loved her very much and after leaving her for a few long weeks in the orphanage, she must have gotten a few things sorted out and she decided to come back for her! It was a fight for sure.

If at first you don’t succeed…..

Failure was a part of the process. And not giving up became the keys to the eventual success that we would have at job creation in Haiti.

Another baby has died. Daily life in Haiti.

I walked down a dirt road that intersected a small creek mostly filled with trash that only has water during the rainy season. Hopping over the garbage, I continued on past the men sitting on the corner playing cards and making catcalls and then across a tiny handmade...

Business in Haiti: Why we need help.

You see, the poor countries are on the bottom of the totem pole economically and we are expected to get paid the least for everything we export. In Haiti we compete with Africa, India, China, and many other countries that have rock bottom prices. But the problem is that Haiti, while poor, isn’t cheap. I pay the same amount for rent here that I pay in the states. EVERYTHING else- milk, gas, food, is MORE expensive than the USA. So, the cost of living for someone like me is about the same (or higher) as what it is in the United States.

My story: an excerpt.

My life’s goal is to become a clog in the wheel of orphan creation and begin to create a new path for parents to have and keep what was supposed to be theirs: their children.

How has my life been wasted?

Grace happens when the domino affect is interrupted. When someone sticks a finger into a hopeless situation of falling pieces and declares that they are going to influence the outcome and stop the progression of hurt until another outcome is realized.

Legacy and Hope: Melissa’s Story

Grace texted me that they had arrived. I dropped everything in my office and texted back that I was on my way to meet them across the street at the café. Today is an important day. It is a day that will probably go down in our company's history, I thought. For months...

Up out of the Ravine and into Loving Arms

Up out of the Ravine and into Loving Arms

On my fridge I have a magnet that says, “Just when the caterpillar, thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” And so perhaps it was for this small child that endured the pains of childbirth only to be dumped in this ravine to die. So many people responded to...