When her face peaked in through the gate of the orphanage, I had no idea how much it would change the course of my life. She knocked sheepishly, yet in anticipation, clutching a small bag of fruit by her side. She was there to see her son. She had given him to the orphanage earlier that year because she did not have enough food in the home to properly take care of him and the rest of the children. When he was younger, he would cry, but as his tears gave way to signs of severe malnourishment, she knew she had to do something. At least at the orphanage, he would be fed. Her son ran into her arms. How he missed his mother. The nights in the orphanage, even with a full belly, could not replace the feeling of having his mother’s arms around him, her soft lullabies at night, and the way she would delight in his every accomplishment. All of that was traded for a full belly in a lonely orphanage so that he would survive. Poverty created an orphan in him. His mother would have done anything to be able to raise him. But there was no alternative. As a young mother myself at that time, I could not imagine having to give up my children because I couldn’t feed them. My heart went out to this lovely mother. If only she had the means to keep her son and raise him the way that she wanted to.

It is why I started Papillon Marketplace.

If a woman has a job with a fair-trade wage, she is never forced to abandon her children simply so that they can live.

We are so desperate right now to continue our mission of providing hope and relief to mothers in poverty. The current situation globally has taken a serious toll and we need your help keeping these mothers employed. Our hope is to have 40 donations of $300 each to keep from having to even think about artisan layoffs. Would you consider being a part of this REAL and immediate relief for women in Haiti? If that amount is too much, would you consider partnering with a group of friends, introduce the mission to your church family, or do a social media fundraiser? We are also in need of monthly support to offset the overhead costs that naturally occur through the training and relief that we offer. We really can’t do this without you! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your consideration of mothers in Haiti as we work to make the world more loving and just for those who might otherwise be overlooked!

With all my heart,

Shelley Jean